Method to the Madness

At Miller Permitting & Land Development, we employ a unique management program and process involving industry best practices and time-tested methods developed over scores of successfully completed projects. The beauty of the firm’s boutique structure and single point of contact—Rebecca Miller—is that the process is customized to suit each job.

“Despite city and county zoning, Florida building construction codes, and the often disharmonious and non-concurrent requirements of the various government agencies involved," Miller says, "we will streamline the unique development requirements of your project into a seemingly simple cookie-cutter process that's relatively easy to navigate. We’re able to react and adjust quickly when necessary, which a lot of our competitors aren’t able to do because of size and bureaucracy that’s actually created within their own firm.”

At Miller Permitting & Land Development, our program management involves:

  1. Advocating on behalf of the owner to acquire city and/or county design and construction approval including attending city/county council and planning/zoning meetings
  2. Facilitating and mediating between all involved entities during design, pre-construction and construction phases of the project
  3. Acquiring all permits for the project including health and DBPR
  4. Negotiation when necessary with city, county, state, and federal departments for approvals

Miller Permitting & Land Development
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