Your Public Representative

During the initial phases of your project’s discovery process, it’s often important to participate in public meetings where discussion and debate ensue, and decisions are made in relation to a range of topics, from the site layout and proximity to nearby residential communities to local zoning and variance requirements.

At Miller Permitting & Land Development, we are your public representative. Even the most experienced development professionals benefit from our attendance at critical or even routine meetings. Our relationships with public officials, planning, zoning, public works, fire, building, traffic, utilities, health and engineering officials and more can make the difference between a successfully completed project and one that is delayed or never makes it past the concept stage.

Whether clients experience scheduling conflicts, prefer a more hands-off approach, or our expertise becomes crucial, we’ll track necessary meetings and attend them as an official agent.

Project Graphics

Often developers need assistance with graphics and online development in order to better convey plans to lenders, partners and future customers. At Miller Permitting & Land Development, we've got your project covered during discovery and at every stage of the process when graphic design services are required. And because we're in the business, we know exactly how to convey the nuances of your project to both the graphic artist and the audience for whom the art is intended.

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