The MPLD Experience

“So, what’s it like to work with Miller Permitting & Land Development,” asks Rebecca Miller. “Well, I’m a bit biased, of course. But I also have the clearest vision about what it is we not only strive to accomplish here—which is seamless project development from concept to completion—but also has clients looking back on what usually ends up being their most pleasant experience, with fewer hiccups than ever in the past, and ultimately their most successful project."

“We understand that the interest clock is ticking and that teams often lack a full understanding of the local process," Miller continues. "Maybe you have residents waiting to move into their new assisted living facility or into an apartment complex, with no place to live in the interim. Maybe you have a closing date scheduled with your lenders that you can’t meet, or a quarterly state inspection that you risk missing, or any of 1,000 similar items that need addressing and coordination. These are issues that not only cause great stress, but that can overblow budgets and create losses for investors. It shouldn't be torture getting there. Do you consider a project successful if in the end everything went as planned, but you spent many sleepless nights with raised blood pressure panicking over the details? Likely not. And, of course, if you experience delays or lower margins than you planned, it doesn’t matter how pleasant your experience; you wouldn’t consider that a success either."

“Simply put, at Miller Permitting & Land Development, your project will go as planned and it'll be a smooth process. We'll be there to address all the needs and requirements of your project and address issues before they lead to sleepless nights. I stake my reputation on it!”

Miller Permitting & Land Development
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